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Monday, 23 January 2012
Written by Administrator   
This is a specialized company management team. After Access Capital has invested into companies through taking control, we manage them for growth and long-term profitability. The position of Head of the Division is still being filled. Their role is to run and develop the Operational Subsidiary/Group Companies, improving the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing operations and other aspects including finance, marketing and human resources management.
  1. The Group Companies Management team takes over once the Private Equity Transactions team has completed a transaction. This can include: Reviewing the business plan, or preparing a new 3-year Business Plan as a rolling plan, altered every 3 months and giving specific targets and milestones.
  2. Setting up and managing the company, while developing its capacity for expansion.
  3. Selecting and putting in place a suitable General Manager (GM) and management team for the company (including existing management if applicable, as well as appointments)
  4. Monitoring performance and taking remedial action, using weekly and other reports. Giving strategic input and other added value, including synergies with other group companies.
  5. Coordinating outsourced support: for instance in IT systems; best practices for human resources management such as performance management, training, etc.; and other support through the AC back office.