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Monday, 23 January 2012
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Access Real Estate (ARE)


Access Capital raised initial capital of 35 million ETB in 2008. Today, ARE has become the largest real‐estate development company in Ethiopia. Since its inception in 2009, ARE has been acquiring land in the most desirable locations in the Capital city of Addis Ababa for residential and commercial real estate development. ARE builds and sells mixed buildings (residential, retail and commercial offices). To date, the Company has acquired approximately 35 sites in prime location within Addis Ababa and vicinity building an approximately 4000 residential/retail mixed use properties. ARE has grown tremendously from its beginning in just over three years to becoming the Nation’s largest homebuilder with approximately 60% market share.


Access Capital continues to expand it capabilities in local market, constantly investing in innovative products and platforms that enable our clients to grow. We also advise on leveraged financing to companies to help them achieve objectives such as making an acquisition, effecting a buy-out, repurchasing shares or funding a one-time dividend or investment.


Today, Access is advising Access Real Estate on secondary financing by creating innovative financial product, securitizing pool of receivables—the first financial product of its kind in Ethiopia—worth $30 million USD.


Pioneer Agro Industries Plc


Established in 2010, PAI is one of the leading livestock export companies in Ethiopia. To date, PAI has already entered into agreements with several trading companies abroad to supply hundreds of camels, cattle and sheep to the Middle East and North African markets. In addition, PAI has entered an agreement with foreign firms to export chilled steer (castrated cow meat) by air to the same markets. In 2010, the Company began building robust logistics capabilities for supply chain management of dedicated overland transport and secured the use of maritime transport vessel to facilitate increased shipping to Middle East markets from Djibouti port. In 2011, the company began acquiring land for commercial farming and herding. Today, the Company has 3,000 hectors for commercial farming and several cattle fattening centers. With a focus on food production, PAI is looking to become animal protein processing company, particularly processed meat products. PAI is looking to capitalize on not only the growth of domestic meat demand but also the growth of export market to the Middle East. PAI is also looking to utilize its 2,000 hectors of commercial farm for cattle feed. Access Capital is looking to raise $30M USD for PAI from international institutional investors.


Access Leasing (AL)


Access is looking to build the first capital goods leasing company in Ethiopia. Established in 2011, the Company has a firm investment commitment from IFC and strategic partnership with Sri Lankan‐based publically listed company to build the first leasing firm in the market. Central Financial Company will take the operational and management of the company for the first few years and roll out its business to ensure AL becomes the leading provider of capital goods leasing in Ethiopia and mitigate the execution and credit management risk. In a market like Ethiopia where access to long‐term capital is scares, the Company will focus on products custom tailored to fit the needs of its business clients and provide solutions that can enhance their liquidity, help manage cash flow and optimize their balance sheet. It will focus initially in agriculture, health care, construction and industrial sectors. Access is looking for attract institutional and operational partners who will add value to the business.

The Company is looking to raise initial capital of 10M USD.


Piko Juice Factory


Piko Juice Factory, PLC, juice manufacturing and processing firm. Established in 2007 with initial capital from Access Capital and Prisma Investments, Piko today has 6 products and houses two brands including SNAP, a 150 ml juice from concentrate with three flavors and PIKO, a 250 ml juice drink also in three flavors. In addition, the Company has added 1-liter to its product line by acquiring a one‐liter pack filling from Tetra Pack which should be operational by the third quarter of 2012. The Company is looking to raise working capital to build its sales, marketing and distribution channels nationwide.


Access Agro Industry


Access Agro Industry is a Commercial Farming company.


Access Beverage


Access has set up a new beverage company. It has an exclusive agreement with RC Cola to produce and distribute its soft drinks. The Company has purchased German filling machinery and is looking to become operational by mid 2012. The Company is looking to raise working capital.