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Monday, 23 January 2012
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The department's vision is to be a source of comprehensive and insightful analyses of macroeconomic, sector specific, and private sector developments and prospects in Ethiopia.


The operational objectives of AC Research are to:


  • Support the strategic business goals of Access Capital and affiliates by delivering timely economic insights, critical market analysis, and business intelligence on sector prospects and potentials;
  • Support Access Capital Equity Investment deals at their various stages of progression—from the prospecting of potential deals, to assisting deal-specific due diligence, to post investment support;
  • Offer positive exposure to Access Capital and affiliates through its analysis, reports, and website, thereby helping attract and retain both domestic as well as foreign clients and investors;
  • Enable Access Capital and affiliates to be plugged into key networks relevant to their work, be it national data providers, private industry associations, or national and international investor groups.


Access Capital Research gathers reliable, regular and


real-time data as they are published to produce:


  • Macroeconomic Research: including Access Capital's The Ethiopia Macroeconomic Handbook and other timely macroeconomic updaters.
  • Sector Research: includes initial sector overview reports, sector updaters, and cross-country sector analytics.
  • Deal-Specific and Operational Research: conduct research related to Access Capital equity deals, in coordination with and as an input to the Equity Investment Team, as well as to prepare various needed outputs for Access Capital's on-going operational needs.
  • Business Databases: Compile initial data from existing public records, input data into spreadsheet and other database management facility, regularly update database, and offer specialized services based on database, if desired.
  • Indicators of Business and Economic Activity: various high-frequency indicators of economic and business activity, including monthly or quarterly indicators of business activity, quarterly indicators of banking sector activity, and price, cost, and wage indicators.
  • Strategy Research for Access Capital and Affiliates: conduct strategy research for Access Capital and its affiliates to support on-going growth, expansion, and innovation. AC Research also plans to conduct research to draw on best practices, lessons, technological applications, and innovative solutions utilized in many African and developing countries.

In order to accomplish all these research tasks, the research tools of AC Research include establishing a regular link with national data providers, agencies, and regulators; compiling and cataloging sector and market information from business press and beyond; conducting original data collection, if needed, through interviews/meetings, field visits, and surveys; maintaining ties with key international financial institutions, donors, and trading partners; and subscribing to major international sources of business and economic information.


The output delivery of AC Research reports are through:


  • Website : Produce a website portal that becomes the first stopping place for anyone seeking Ethiopia-related business and economic analysis
  • E-mail subscriber lists: Offer e-mail alert/notice services to clients, investors, and industry groups
  • Hard-copy reports: Produce selected "flagship" reports/products in hard copy form


Organization of Access Capital Research


AC Research staff consists of one Advisor as well as a full time staff that includes a Senior Researcher, two Junior Researchers, and one analyst/journalist.
AC Research also hires temporary staff as needed including freelance and institutional journalists, consultants for deal-specific or highly specialized/technical research reports, and research interns from AAU and top US/European/African schools for short-term assignments.