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Monday, 23 January 2012
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Auerbach Grayson (USA):


Access Capital has signed an agreement to join the partnership of Auerbach Grayson & Company Incorporated (www.agco.com) of New York, USA. Auerbach Grayson is a US-registered stockbroker committed to serving the international needs of major global institutional investors. Clients typically have assets ranging from $100 million to several billion dollars. Through its worldwide network of broker partners in 122 countries, Auerbach Grayson offers research, execution and clearance in equities, derivatives and fixed-income instruments. Each broker partner provides their research to Auerbach Grayson on an exclusive basis. Auerbach Grayson's oversight assures that the research meets the standards of institutional investors. With over 400 analysts amongst its partners, Auerbach Grayson has unique coverage of small, medium-cap and emerging market equities.


Kestrel Capital (Kenya):


Kestrel Capital (East Africa) Ltd. (www.kestrelcapital.com) is an investment bank licensed by the Kenyan Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and a member of the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE). Kestrel is the leading channel in Kenya for foreign and local institutional investors, with a strong focus on market and company research. Kestrel's foreign client base covers Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Southern African and West Africa. Kestrel is also the market leader for trading "blue chip" companies in Kenya such as Safaricom, Equity Bank, East African Breweries and Barclays Bank of Kenya. Over the years, Kestrel has received several awards from Euromoney magazine as the "Best Stockbroker in Kenya ". Kestrel believes in the future of Access Capital and has invested into shares in Access Capital.